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Why We Hunt is a rules-lite collaborative storytelling game for all players. With Why We Hunt, you can roleplay anywhere you are, with minimal prep and materials.

The crackle of the kindling is all that breaks the silence as you sit around a fire. Exhausted, tested, you take rest after your last hunt. Looking about you, your fellow hunters also sit in quiet contemplation. As you think back on this latest excursion, you can’t help but wonder why we hunt?

Why We Hunt is a collaborative storytelling game where a group recounts the tale of the last hunt they went on together. What they were hunting, and why, is entirely up to you. Details of the story are revealed as players take turns telling different parts, while bringing one another’s hunters to the brink. There is no GM here. The players alone dictate the pace and finality of the story, so make the story your own!

Why We Hunt is a single page roleplaying game that includes a 4 person character sheet ...AND it's only 50 cents!



Spencer Campbell

Game Designer  |  Writer


Mike Rieman

Graphic Designer  |  Illustrator

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