"Everyone get down!" shouts the Hammer, firing his shotgun into the ceiling for effect. This bank's customers chose the wrong day to make their deposits. The Face stands nearby, checking her watch and keeping an eye out the front window. In back, the Specter is working the locks of the safety deposit boxes, dumping their misbegotten goods on the table. "Silent alarm was activated, cops will be here in 5, move it" the Tech whispers into the ears of the crew. The Face smiles to herself under her mask...all according to plan.

Score let's you and your friends recreate the thrill of planning and pulling off a heist with a rules-lite RPG designed for one-shot sessions. Choose your criminal type, coordinate your efforts, use your strengths, and rely on a little bit of luck to land your next big score!

Players in Score choose one of four criminal types, each with their own skills and gear to make them stand out among their crew. A session of Score is quick to get to the table, with no character creation necessary. GM's will find plenty of resources to put together the job in minutes, and the table will be rolling dice before you know it.

You can buy the printed zine edition and PDF copy of Score here!

Game Design: Spencer Campbell

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