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“Mayday! Mayday! This is a distress call from the UGF Pandora. Any UGF or civilian ship please respond? Our ship has taken damage, we are currently drifting powerless, and… and... there is some really weird sh@% going on around here, man! We had to ...detain... First Officer Bronson. At least, we think it’s him. I’ve seen two ensigns dragged into the air ducts, confronted myself as a child, and Chief Medical Officer Campbell’s head grew legs and ran away from his body… like spider legs… HE’S A DAMN HEAD-SPIDER! ...On top of that the warp core is leaking radiation, NAVCOM says we are no longer in material space, and the food replicator hasn’t produced anything but bean enchiladas for four days now. Nothing. But. ENCHILADAS. If we don’t get this ship up and running, there’s no telling what we might do to each other! Mayday! Mayday!”


Last Flight of the Pandora is a table top roleplaying game where you play as Officers aboard the starship Pandora just as proverbial space crap is about to hit the space fan. The Mission of the Officers is to balance and prioritize Trouble, as well as figuring out the goal of the dreaded Adversary. Work quickly, smartly, and maybe a little selfishly, and you should survive. 

Last Flight of the Pandora is designed to play as a single session game with a GM.



PDF PROMISE: Any time you buy a full price physical copy of Last Flight of the Pandora it comes with the option of a physical pdf download. Please email if you would like one after your purchase.





Mike Rieman
Game Designer  |  Graphic Designer


Jake Rieman
Game Designer | Illustrator

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