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Heads or Tales is a rules-lite roleplaying game for all players. With Heads or Tales, you can roleplay anywhere you are, with minimal prep and materials.


Have you ever wanted to roleplay in a fantastical world, deep in space, or maybe the untamed wild west? Heads or Tales allows you and your friends to roleplay in any setting you’d like, the only limit is your imagination! The rules are simple: tell a story with a group of friends, and leave your fate in the flip of a coin.

Heads or Tales is for groups with any level of experience with roleplaying games. Since all you need is a coin, you can take the story with you on the go. Grab a coin and some friends, and start telling your story today!

Heads or Tales comes with the base game rules, GM rules, and 2 Supplement packs which include 6 completely different themes to explore! Heads or Tales is a digital download and will keep you entertained in a pinch!



Spencer Campbell

Game Designer  |  Writer


Mike Rieman

Graphic Designer  |  Illustrator

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